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Psychotherapy Services

Counselling Program

Professional counselling services are offered to assist individuals, couples and families experiencing personal adjustment and relationship difficulties to attain an improved level of wellness and satisfaction in life.

Individuals interested in any counselling program may refer themselves. For more information on accessing services, please visit our "Get help" page.
Our fees are based on a sliding scale geared to income, number of dependents in the home, and ability to pay.

Subsidies for programs may be made available upon request.


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Counselling is offered to individuals experiencing difficulty in areas such as coping with grief and loss, managing transitional changes, work related difficulties, tendency to addiction, struggling to overcome the effects of past abuse (male and female victims), as well as managing stress, anxiety or depression.


Counselling is offered to couples to reduce the level of conflict and distress in their relationship and to assist them to achieve a closer emotional bond.


Family counselling is offered to improve family relationships and family functioning, to manage transitions such as separation, loss or blended family issues, or to help families to deal with the special needs of one or more.

Group Wellness Programs

One Hour workshops can be brought to your church, school or
community group! Topics include:

Keeping your cool with your kids
Connecting with your kids
A Couples Journey
Parenting your anxious child
Keeping your faith in hard times

To book any of these programs please call
905-725-3513 ext. 116 to discuss times, dates and costs.

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Woman Abuse & Child Witness Programs

Please note: an intake and assessment by a counsellor must be done before joining our Woman Abuse Programs. For more information on accessing services, visit our "Get help" page.

Childminding is available for our woman abuse group programs at no additional charge.

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WAVE - Part 1

A 10-week, psycho-educational group for women who have experienced abuse in an intimate relationship. Topics include the cycle of violence, effect on children, legal issues, safety, understanding the abusive behaviour, anger, grief and the effect on women. Groups are available at the Oshawa and Ajax locations, morning and evening groups are offered.
Group fee is $25, with subsidy available upon request.

WAVE - Part 2

An 8-week group for women who have completed WAVE 1, and focuses on further growth and empowerment. Topics include trust, assertiveness, positive thinking, family of origin issues, boundaries, self-care and healthy relationships.

Group fee is $25, with subsidy available upon request.



A 10-week, concurrent program for women who have been abused in partner relationships and for their children that have witnessed the conflict.
The mother's group explores strategies for parenting children who have been exposed to conflict with a focus on strengthening parenting skills, and sharing and supporting one another.
Transportation may be provided for this group upon request.
Groups are available at the Oshawa and Ajax locations.


This group runs concurrently with the PAC group (above) and focuses on understanding conflict, learning to be safe, separation and divorce, anger management skills, and self-esteem.
There are two children's groups: ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 12.
Mothers must take PAC for children to attend this group.


A 10-week workshop for moms who have had an experience of woman abuse or other trauma and their children aged 0 - 4 years old.
This program is a hands-on, attachment-informed, relationship-based group experience. It is designed to enhance parenting skills and strengthen parent-child relationships through free-play, circle time, discussion and interactive play. Mothers will be provided with information about child development, appropriate expectations, specific parenting techniques and the opportunity to practice stress management.


This program began January 1st, 2007. Together with the Durham Children's Aid Society, CFSD works collaboratively to assist families who are currently at risk of being involved with child protection services due to children witnessing violence. Joint in-house assessments and ongoing clinical services are offered to families where woman abuse has occurred. This program seeks to increase the family's safety while the agencies work together to provide the services necessary to reach this goal.
ALL intakes for this program are done through Durham CAS 905-433-1551.

Kids and Teens Programs

We offer individual, family and group counselling for children aged 5 and up. Our counsellors use a variety of modalities and techniques to help young people feel safe and comfortable to share the unique issues they may face interpersonally or socially.

Group Therapeutic Programs

Please note: an intake and assessment by a counsellor must be done before joining our Group Therapeutic Programs. Please visit our Get Help page for our intake procedure.


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C.A.R.T. - Communication and Relationships for Teens

This is an 8 session, after-school group for teens aged 13 - 17 that have been exposed to violence. The group focuses on communication skills, self-esteem, healthy relationships, dating violence, and stress management.

Children Exposed to Conflict - Please see Woman Abuse & Child Witness page

Mothers must attend the Parenting After Conflict group for children to attend this group.
There are two children's groups for ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 12 that run concurrently with the PAC group.
This group focuses on understanding conflict, learning to be safe, separation and divorce, anger management skills, and self-esteem.