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Use of Email

Due to the many ways in which the use of email communication can compromise your confidentiality (and in some cases, your safety), the agency does not recommend the use of email as a means through which to contact your therapist or share information with them.

However, the agency also recognizes that there may be exceptional circumstances that might necessitate the use of email for communication. In such circumstances, please keep the following in mind:

Email should never be used as a way to handle a crisis

  • If you are in crisis, it is important that you utilize the crisis numbers and services available on our website. 911 is always the best option when your safety is an issue.
  • You may fax information to our office at 905-725-8377 if you need to send written communication to your therapist, or if you cannot speak on the phone (905-725-3513).
  • Counsellors cannot guarantee the same response time to email as they would be able to offer in returning a phone call. Please allow 2 – 4 business days for an email response unless informed otherwise by your counsellor.
  • If you are going to send information via email, please do not include personal information in the email, in order to protect your confidentiality. Always start a fresh email, versus replying to an existing email. Use expressions like “the issue we discussed” or “my situation” instead of giving specifics, in order to reduce the exposure to your personal issues on the web.
  • Any email correspondence is considered part of your client record.
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