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Client Complaints Policy

The Agency is open to receiving complaints from clients or the community about
the service provided by the agency.  Complaints must be brought to the attention
of the Executive Director or the direct supervisor.  To facilitate communication re:
client complaints, the following procedure should be followed:

1. The client may speak to his or her social worker and/or put the complaint in
writing.  If necessary and appropriate, the social worker and/or client will
arrange a meeting with the direct supervisor or the Executive Director.

2. If the matter is not resolved between the client and the social worker
and/or the direct supervisor, the client should be encouraged to put the
complaint in writing and direct it to the Executive Director.

3. Should the matter not be resolved with the Executive Director, the client
may write to the Chair of the Board of Directors to seek a resolution. 
Agency acknowledgement of the receipt of the client’s complaint should be
made within three working days and the resolution of the complaint within a

4. Complaints involving French Language Services will follow the same
procedures, however, the French Language Services Committee of the
Board will also be made aware of the complaint and resulting resolution
process (should it escalate to Step 2 and 3) and at least one bilingual
Board member will work in tandem with the Executive Director (for steps 2
and 3) to ensure proper representation of and respect for the unique
culture of the French-speaking community being served. An interpreter will
also be offered to the French-speaking client making the complaint.

5. Complaints will be documented in the client’s file, including the handling of
the complaint process and resolution. Any hum resource issues will be
documented by the manager in the employee’s file, and any trends noted
and monitored.

6. Managers are to make all complaints known to the Executive Director, and
these are reported to the Board on a monthly basis.

Notice of this procedure will be available on request in each office location and
both Board and Staff will be trained and privy to this process

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