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Client Rights Policy

It is our intent to provide a high quality ethical service ensuring our clients’ rights are
protected.  Clients are made aware of the rights and privileges they are entitled to as a
recipient of our services.  Clients are informed that:

· They have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and without

· The qualifications of the program service personnel meet agency standards.

· The information disclosed in counselling will be kept confidential unless written
permission is given by the client to release such information to other agencies,
professionals or the courts.  Exceptions may be made as a result of a subpoena to
court, a search warrant or a court order to release a client record; for the purposes
of reporting a child who may be in need of protection as required under the Ontario
Child and Family Services Act; or in circumstances where there may be a duty to
warn with respect to risk of serious harm to self or others. Clients will be notified in
the event of any breach to this policy.

· Information concerning a case may be disclosed internally for routine management
and professional supervision, review and quality assurance purposes, including

· Clients may request in writing to review the agency’s record of their personal
counseling sessions.  This review is to occur in the presence of a qualified
counsellor.  If the client considers any of the information to be incorrect, they may
make a note as and addendum to the original entry and sign it.

· Clients can complain or appeal because they have found decisions concerning
themselves, the fee, or services provided to them to be unsatisfactory, and can
request a copy of the client complaint policy and procedure from either reception or
their counsellor, or they may phone our Oshawa Office and ask to have a copy
mailed to them.

· Alternate after hours community resources are made available to clients upon

· They have the right to a safe and secure environment.

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